- Frequently Asked Questions simplifies how individuals prove and share their identity online. The secure digital identity network has 94 million members with over 70,000 individuals joining daily, as well as partnerships with 31 states, multiple federal agencies, and over 500 companies. provides identity proofing, authentication, and group affiliation verification for organizations across sectors.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions; however, visit to learn more.

What is simplifies how individuals prove and share their identity online.’s next-generation identity platform meets the highest federal standards for online identity proofing and authentication, without compromising access for hard-to-identify groups. Its technology is used by millions of individuals and hundreds of partners, including federal and state agencies, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, retailers, and non-profits.

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Is there a cost for an account?

No. Users can set up an account for free online. Once they establish an account and complete the identity verification process, users can access their account or contract information online on the Security Benefit website.

I’m having issues with an account, who can I contact for support?

Users can go to the Help Center website for support in setting up or updating any information on their account at  Security Benefit and have developed three additional online resources for customers to ask questions and receive additional support:

  • Step-by-step guides and troubleshooting information
  • Submit an issue through an online form
  • Online Chat available 24/7

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What documents or information do I need to set up an account? Who can I contact for support?

To complete identity verification with, you will typically be asked for the following:

  • A government-issued identity document (driver’s license or state ID card, US passport, or US passport card)
  • A cell phone that receives text messages or can make and receive calls
  • A device that can take or upload photos (this can be the same device as the cell phone)
Can I set up an account on my own?

We recommend that you follow the step-by-step process once you’ve registered for online access to your Security Benefit account. This will ensure that you complete the identification verification process we’ve established directly with to access your Security Benefit account.

I already have an account. Do I need to set up another one?

If you already have an account and you’ve completed the identity verification process, you may simply sign in to your account, after selecting the “Verify with” button on the Security Benefit welcome page, to complete the verification process. You do not need to establish another account.

Will I need to verify my identification every time I access my account online?

No. Once you’ve completed the identification verification process, you can simply sign in to the Security Benefit website with your username, password, and complete the multi-factor authentication process to access your online account.

What if I don’t want to set up an account?

As part of our ongoing effort to increase security and access to your online account, we’ve partnered with to verify identities for our customers who want to access their accounts online. Users seeking access to their accounts must complete the identity verification process through’s technology meets the highest federal standards for a credential service provider has built rigorous security and privacy requirements into its technology. Learn more about’s Privacy Bill of Rights and how your information is protected.

Are my account credentials the same for my Security Benefit account and account?

No. You will need to register for online access to your Security Benefit account or contract, set up a username, password, and multi-factor authentication on the Security Benefit website.

To access the information online for your account or contract, you will need to set up a separate account (or sign-in with your existing account) and make sure you’ve completed the identity verification process.

Are there instructions I can follow to set up an account?

The process is very straightforward and the website guides users through the steps to complete the identity verification process.

If you need additional support for your account, visit

Does share my information with other companies or websites? allows its users to establish a “verified online ID” that can be used with other companies or agencies that require identity verification. It does not "sell" your information to other entities.